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Jenna is a Finnish Author, Blogger, Life Coach, and Visionary.

She grew up as a country girl, living in her imagination like Alice in Wonderland. After fifteen years as a lawyer in the finance world, she became the victim of a cryptocurrency scam. Losing her crypto assets began an intense growth journey that drove her to leave her nine-to-five job and pursue her passions in

writing and art.
​Now alight with creativity, Jenna wants to bring her voice to the world and help others find their purpose and achieve their dreams.
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When you lose a lot.. You learn how to not give a fuck.
When the crypto scam happened, and I lost 75.000 dollars worth of assets, it was like death had walked over me. My mind was full of horrifying thoughts about the future the same night, but one tiny spark of light floated into my consciousness.

I had two choices; to suffer and sink with my mistake or rise and turn it into strength. So from that low point, I stood up, let go of anything that didn't serve my happiness, and built a life I had always wanted to live.

With my story, I want to inspire you to turn challenges into strength, set yourself free from any limitations, and live to the fullest.



THE BOOK The Scammers Trap
In this book, Jenna Rantakakallio lays bare the life-changing experience of falling victim to a cryptocurrency scam. The scam was the catalyst for a longer period of her life, where she needed to conquer different obstacles one after another and learn to let go of things that kept her powerless.  
By sharing her growth story after this dark time, she proves that as long as you have the right tools, any challenging life experience can bring about inner strength and success.

Available at

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​I love reading, dreaming, and learning new. I'm passionate about change and becoming a better version of myself. At Thejennablog Medium, I'm sharing these tips through concise blog writings to help you start your development journey.


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